General Questions

What is Tarjima?

Tarjima is a pre-built omni channel e-commerce solution that allows your business to display and/sell its products and services on mobile and web.

Can I use Tarjima as an interactive mobile/web based product catalog, if I don't wish to sell online?

Tarjima Catalog can be used an interactive mobile/web based product catalog. Through a web based admin panel, you/your team can manage the products, which will instantly display in the web & mobile apps. Via the web based admin panel, you can also send push notifications to your clients who have downloaded the app, informing them of new product launches, company news, offers & discounts.

Does my business need Tarjima?

Business has gone digital. If your business does not catch up, your competitors will.

If you run a business with products/services to sell, Tarjima is the ideal marketing, sales and customer support tool. Tarjima can function as a digital brochure, online customer support help desk, as well as an online retail store.

If your product portfolio changes or has additions, your customers can be updated instantly. Besides retaining existing clients, it can help attract new customers nationwide or even worldwide.

Why should I choose Tarjima?

A custom built e-commerce solution takes months to build and can be expensive, as they are built from scratch.

Tarjima is pre-built and can be launched in a matter of days. It also costs far lesser than a custom-built solution and has all the features a growing business needs to sell online.

How fast can I get online?

We can get you started in approx. 1 week. Simply email us your logo, company name & address details.

How can I manage my products & sales?

We provide a web based admin panel, though which you can manage your products (product details, price, availability), as well as customers, orders and reports (sales, customers, orders, analytics). All changes made in the admin panel will be displayed in the Tarjima web & mobile apps.

Does Tarjima allow users to login via Facebook/Google, instead of registering?


Do you provide any training to use Tarjima?

Yes, we provide training to you/your team members to use the Tarjima application. You can also contact us for any queries over phone/skype.

What are Tarjima's purchase options?

Tarjima can be rented annually or purchased. You can rent/purchase any (Android/iPhone/Web) or all of them.

How much does Tarjima cost?

Please refer the pricing page for details.

Do you have a limit on the number of products?

In the purchase option, there is no limit on the number of products. In the rental option, the Pro version has a limit of 2500 products. The Lite version has a limit of 50 products. If you require hosting of more than 2500 products in the rental version, it can be provided at an additional cost.

Can I see an online/live demo?

For an online/live demo, Please contact us at info@catapultwireless.net or call us at +91.99615 83777 or +91.481.2574840.


What operating systems does Tarjima Mobile support?

Tarjima has separate apps for Android & iOS. The Android version works on Android phones and Android tablets. The iOS version supports iPhones & iPads.

Is Tarjima web application Mobile Ready? Will it work on different devices?

Yes, Tarjima Web has a responsive mobile design and works on different mobile devices.

Can I customize the design to a different style?

The free design customization is limited to incorporating your logo and company colours. Any other design customization can be carried out but at an additional cost.

Do you have a multi-lingual option?

Yes. Multi lingual option is available at an additional cost.

Can the email templates be edited?

Yes, the content of the email templates can be edited through the admin panel.

Can I manage some design elements myself?

You can manage the slider images, new arrivals, best selling products through the web based admin panel.

Products, Services & Merchandising

Can I sell physical products, services or digital products?


How many product variants (color, size, etc) do you support?

You can create as many product variants as you want.

How many categories do you support?

As many as you want.

Can I edit the description & attributes of products?


Can I add products to a wishlist to purchase later?


Do you support cross selling (related products)?


Can I offer discounts?

Discounts can be offered individual products, category wise or brandwise.

Orders & checkout

Do you have abandoned cart reports?

Yes, the abandoned cart report can be accessed via the web based admin panel. Optionally, offers can also be instantly emailed to the user to revive the sale.

Do you support Guest checkout?

Yes, we do.

How do i track orders?

Orders can be tracked by logging into the web based admin panel. You will receive en email notification everytime an order is placed.

Who gets notifications when an order is placed?

Email notifications are sent to the admin & customer.

Logistics & Shipping

How are shipping rates calculated?

Shipping rates are calculated based on weight and location (International/Local). This can be customised to meet your needs (example: Pin code based delivery charges) at an additional cost.

Can I integrate shipping with 3rd party logistics providers?

Yes, this can be done at an additional cost.


HDo you support local/international payment gateways?

We support all major payment gateways like Paypal, Authorize.net and local payment gateways like CCAvenue & EBS.

What are the ways in which payment can be accepted?

Payments can be accepted via credit, debit, ATM, Bank IMPS as well as pre-paid instruments like PayTM, SBI Buddy, Freecharge, Jio Money, ITZ Cash, Idea Money and so on.

Can I provide an EMI option to my customers?

Yes, Tarjima supports EMI option through 3rd party payment gateways, via banks like SBI, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra, Axis, HDFC, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Yes Bank, Corporation Bank, Central Bank of India and so on.

Do you support cash on delivery option?

Yes, COD (Cash on delivery) is supported.

Marketing, Discounts & Promotions

Do you support live chat with customers?

Tarjima Web supports live chat with customers via third party providers like Tawk.

Do you support integration with third party email newsletter providers like MailChimp?

Yes, users can subscribe to your email newsletter via a form, which will be stored at Mailchimp. The newsletters can be emailed from Mailchimp.com

Do you support multi-­tier discounting based on category, product & Brand?


Do you support Coupon code creation with coupon expiry dates?


Is Tarjima Web edition's SEO friendly?

yes, we offer custom product URLs, Per­page optimization (title, meta description & keywords), XML sitemap, Page title and meta details per product.

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