A popular women's boutique leverages Ecommerce
to sell fashion apparel online

Find out how a 35 year old apparel boutique successfully uses web & mobile ecommerce software to increase revenue.

MAYURI is a well known clothing boutique in Chennai, known for its unusual combination of colors and distinct motif and prints. Embroidered or block printed, they are known for their distinctive motifs and wide palette of highlighted colors to the threads that are woven.

Thangam Mathai, a designer from Chennai started Mayuri in the year 1983. Her bold & beautiful designs and the color co-ordinates which are rare and spectacular. Sarees & salwar suit fabrics are created keeping in mind the uniqueness of every individual wearing them.

The outlet in Chennai is located at Nungambakkam High Road. MAYURI conducts exhibitions once in a year at Kerala, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderbad, Srilanka, Dubai, London, Singapore & Australia.

The Problem: 
Despite a large number of loyal customers worldwide and an active Facebook presence, Mayuri's customers were finding it cumbersome to view their apparel collection and order online. The only option was to collect orders via Facebook and over the phone. Payments were made via bank transfer, which slowed sales and delivery.

The Solution:
Mayuri now has a branded ecommerce web site and integrated mobile commerce app, that allows its customers to view their entire collection at their convenience, get push notifications when new collections arrive and order online, pay online and get notified of deliveries.

Mayuri can display their collection at their exhibitions on a Tablet/smartphone and collect orders instantly. Thanks to an easy to use admin interface, Mayuri's staff can manage online orders and inventory management quickly and easily.

With an aggressive digital marketing campaign, Mayuri will soon be making its presence felt online.

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