One of India's top 10 publishing firms switches to Tarjima
for online book store web site design and apps

Web, Mobile and In-store, DC Books will soon offer a seamless cross channel shopping experience

DC Books, one of the prestigious literary publishing houses in India was established in the year 1974. It is the first publishing house to get ISO certification in India, publishing around 1500 books of all genres annually, making it one of the largest literary publishers of India. English-English-Malayalam Dictionary published by DC Books is the second highest selling bilingual dictionary in the Indian market.

The Problem: 
Traditional bookstores face the risk of exclusion from the expanding market for digital content. It will have to distribute book content in all formats and all channels. For book publishers, these developments are challenging but exciting.

If the book industry fails to establish the marketplace now, companies may find themselves playing catch-up later after losing sales and customers to newcomers.

Competitive edge is made and lost in retail on customer intimacy, and operational efficiency. Both online and mobile channels create additional pressure on retailers and staying ahead of the game in this digital environment is more difficult than ever before. Retailers need to optimize operations, maximize margins, target and retain customers all while delivering exceptional customer service.

The Solution:
With more than 48 outlets in all major cities of South India, a chain of bookstores and agencies in Middle Eastern countries including Dubai, Muscat, Sharjah and Ajman, and an online book store, DC Books needed an omni-channel ecommerce solution providing a streamlined customer experience across all sales channels with personalization, customization and integrated online shopping.

The Results:
Tarjima will soon be rolling out an omni-channel solution, that will help DC Books automate, scale and deliver these connected commerce experiences. Customers can buy books on web, mobile and in-store. With retail space getting increasingly expensive, DC Books can now leverage technology to maximise in-store sales revenue, by promoting online sales of their entire catalog in-store, without having to store their entire inventory at every physical location.

Data is power. With advanced retail analytics, Tarjima can summarize consumer buying trends and behavior, segment and analyze customer behavior to offer them better services and products / to make more targeted offers, and manage campaigns and promotions across all channels.

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