Kerala's largest consumer electronics retail chain grows
online revenue with omni channel ecommerce

How Kerala's largest electronics retailer (QRS Electronics) benefits from Tarjima's flexibility & customization capabilities

QRS (Quilon Radio Service) made humble beginnings in 1947 when it started by retailing Philips radios and radiograms. Over the years, QRS has made rapid strides to become Kerala's top electronic retailer. From a small radio service centre in Quilon, today it has 30 top class showrooms spanning the entire length and breadth of Kerala and is the largest consumer durable group in Kerala and has become a household name.

The Problem: 
QRS launched its first web site in 2007. Since then, it has undergone several transformations from a simple web catalog to an ecommerce web site powered by Magento, a popular opensource ecommerce tool. A major problem they faced was the inflexibility of Magento, to accommodate the various modifications requested by management. Even small modification requests required weeks to implement due to Magento's complexity. The QRS team was also having a hard time understanding Magento's complex backend admin panel.

With 32 million mobile users in a state of 33 million people, the management also began realising the importance of mobile commerce and wanted a multi-lingual mobile app that could complement their web site and allow users to seamlessly switch between a site and app, based on their preference.

The Solution:
After evaluating several ecommerce platforms, QRS chose Tarjima for it's omni channel ecommerce capability, multi-lingual features, customisation flexibility and ease of use. Tarjima was customised to suit the exact business requirements of the QRS team, after several rounds of discussions. A migration plan was set to migrate existing users & data from the old web site, without major disruptions. The experienced Tarjima team worked with senior management to craft a digital strategy, to strengthen its online presence.

The Results:
QRS now has a multi-lingual e-commerce solution that matches all their unique requirements. Over 20,000 SKUs and thousands of users have been migrated smoothly to the new platform. The new QRS web site & mobile apps have now been able to generate a healthy revenue stream from web & mobile. The QRS apps are being used in-store as well as local consumer exhibitions.

Tarjima is helping QRS create innovative sales campaigns via social media. New features like loyalty, CRM and AI based retail analytics are being added, which will ensure that their online presence will help the QRS Group connect to their customers better, and maintain their lead in Kerala's electronics retail space.

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