How Jos Electricals leverages Tarjima for selling electrical items online

Find out how Jos Electricals, a leading lighting business uses Tarjima's readymade ecommerce solution to sell electrical goods and lamps online.

JOS ELECTRICALS Sales Corporation is the pioneer in light fittings and accessories offering a variety of products including interior and exterior lighting solutions, lighting for commercial and industrial uses, supplying industrial items, high tension and extra high tension items Etc.The Company is as old as independent India, beginning in 1947, entering into its 67th year.

The Problem: 
Jos Electricals, despite being one of the oldest and largest electrical show rooms was selling electrical items like lamps and lampshades, entirely offline. In view of the digital revolution sweeping across India, Jos wanted to attract the next generation of consumers using their favourite mediums, ie. Mobile apps and web.

With such a large operation, Jos need to ensure that the solution they choose wuld be robust enough to handle the vast inventory levels and yet be simple enough for their staff to manage and operate. From creating a digital strategy to streamlining the delivery process, Jos Electricals needed an efficient software tool to seamlessly manage the online operations, and an experienced ecommerce consultant, who can support them throughout the process.

The Solution:
Jos Electricals will soon go live with an omni channel ecommerce solution allowing their customers to buy electrical items like chandeliers, lamps & lampshades online via web & mobile apps. The Tarjima mobile apps will also be used for In-store merchandising and as an interactive catalog by presenting to walk-in customers, who can use it to browse the entore inventory.

Thanks to an easy to use admin interface and the training & year long technical support provided by Tarjima, Jos Electrical staff can manage its online orders and inventory management quickly and easily. They can also manage their delivery locations, delivery charges, view sales reports and an efficient incoming order notification to key stake holders within the organisation.

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